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Artist Sarah I. Avni

Sarah Avni has had already 90 solo exhibitions on three continents and her works are part of art collections of collectors from all over the world. She is an artist whose work is already an investment.

The painter’s works will enchant you with their vivid colors, hidden symbols and leave you with vibrations of positive energy.

Sarah finds inspiration in Eastern philosophy and its approach rather than Western painting. Although originally trained as a classical painter, her main themes are metaphysical laws, the creation of reality and her purpose is to direct the viewer’s soul to these principles. Her paintings are created in collections that may appear disparate at first glance, but all together form the elements of a puzzle.


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Her works are recognizable at first glance because of their distinctive energy, but also because of her original techniques, such as the specific structure that creates the impasto effect. She also often works with old master techniques of gilding and mixing pigments, which allow her to play more effectively with lights and shadows.

Since 2015, she was ranked repeatedly every year by an international cultural portal theculturetrip.com among 10 Slovak artists you should know.

She is an author of the world’s best sport-themed stamp from 2011 awarded by the StampNews International.

In 2019 she revealed a special collection of “rock” paintings where she was inspired by the music of a fantastic Slovak band, INSIDE. This unique collaboration of artists aims to deepen the artistic experience. The paintings will be on display during some of the INSIDE concerts as well as on their album cover named Čas (EN: Time).

Since 2018 is the project that includes the paintings from the collection “Party in the 21st Century” a part of Slovakia official brand GOOD IDEA SLOVAKIA.

CIRCLE, an international art magazine, published one of the paintings from the collection “Party in the 21st Century” in spring issue in 2018. Those are published artworks regarded as current trends and original practices in visual art worldwide.

Collection “Party in the 21st Century” was chosen by Re:publika, one of the greatest cultural festivals in Czech Republic, as the only one art exhibition presenting Slovakia in the festival.

Collection “Party in the 21st Century” received a Certificate of Excellence by Artavita, an international active online gallery, in 2017.

A video clip by Inside and Peter Cmorík, “Odraz duše”, released in 2016, was inspired by Sarah´s life.

Since 2016, she has been the main artist of a very successful folklore-artistic project: Party in the 21st century. The works from this collection inspired by the Slovak crafts were created in collaboration with LSZ photography.

In 2016, a few of her paintings were published in the 100th edition of the British Vogue.

Every child is an artist.

Pablo Picasso


2024 / Club everything pardubice / currently running

2023 / Hotel The Mozart Prague

2023 / OC Central Bratislava / Slovakia / CURRENTLY RUNNING

2022 / KEMPINSKI Hotel  Bahiá Estepona Marbella / Spain 

2022 / Institute of Archaeology and Museum in Sofia / Bulgaria

2022 / Hotel Encinar / Sotogrande / Spain 

2022 / Restaurant Play, Mijas / Spain 

2022 / Sorbishe Museum in Bautzen / Germany 

2022 / Sala de Exposiciones Bank Cajasur / Algeciras / Spain

2021 / Izmit Art Gallery / Turkey

2021 / Istanbul Airport International Departures iGA Lounge 

2021 / Hotel Carlo IV. in Prague 

2021 / Kunstverein MONTEZ in Frankfurt am Main

2021 / Zoya Gallery & Museum in Slovakia

2020 / Asean Belt and Road Culture and Tourism Exchange in Guiyang, China

2020 / Shanghai, China

2020 / Chateau Poříčí in Czech Republic

2020 / Golf Club Hostivař in Prague

2020 / National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library Cedar Rapid in Iowa, USA

2020 / Hotel Vienna House Andel´s in Prague 

2019 / Šarišská Gallery in Prešov, Slovakia

2019 / Ella Design in Vevey, Switzerland

2019 / SC Central in Bratislava, Slovakia

2019 / Clarissine Church in Bratislava, Slovakia

2019 / Slovak Institut in Moscow

2019 / Gallery Vazka, Trencin, Slovakia

2019 / MaxMara in Bratislava

2018 / Slovak institut in Berlin

2018 / Tatra Museum Poprad, Slovakia

2018 / Slovak Embassy in Washington DC and in International Club DC

2018 / Rivington Street Gallery in New York

2018 / Ottawa City Hall

2018 / Kulturpark in Košice, Slovakia

2018 / Festival Re:publika in the Czech Republic, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Czechoslovakia

2018  / Slovak Institute in Prague

2018 / Olympic Games in the South Korea

2017 / Slovak Institute in Vienna

2017 / The House of Arts in Piešťany, Slovakia

2017 / Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Ottawa

2017 / Crowne Plaza, Manhattan in New York at Slovak Fashion Night

2017 / Bratislava Castle in Slovakia

2017 / Chateau Mcely in the Czech Republic

2016 / Exhibition at the Slovak Presidency of the EU Council in Brussels

2016 / Fashion Club in Prague

2016 / Garden Agape in Bratislava, Slovakia

2016 / Chateau Rothschild in Austria 

2015 / Basel Art Center (Gift 4 You) in Switzerland 

2015 / Basel Art Center (Osteropäische abstrakte Kunst) in Switzerland 

2015 / Esterhazy Palace (Gallery Merikon Art Room) in Vienna

2012 / The Presidential Palace in Bratislava

2012 / BMW in Bratislava, Slovakia 

2011 / Gallery Harfa in Prague

2011 / SPP Gallery in Bratislava, Slovakia


Sarah I. Avni

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